Monday, January 4, 2016

Lighting Equipment Service

Lighting Consoles: Digital consoles, pc interface lighting control and much more.

Theatrical and Conventional lighting: Par cans, Fresnel, Source Four, ellipsoidal, follow spot, intelligent lighting. Strip lighting, cyc lighting, LED lights.
Studio and location lighting: Multi function multipurpose on camera lighting, professional handheld camera fill lights, pro light, I-light, Omni-light.
Dimming: modular dimmer racks, architectural interface, portable dimming racks and wireless DMX wireless control.

Truss, Rigging and Lighting Stands: Square truss, triangular truss, truss clamps and accessories, truss stands and lifts, crank lifts, hoists, lighting trees, lighting stands.
Director of Marketing&Promotion 
Mariusz Gozdek

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