Saturday, January 2, 2016

Our Fantastic Service

Event Planners, Curators, Promoters, Choreographers, Directors, Artistic Directors, Religious Leaders, / / / If you have an event coming up, read on. We would love to be of service to you. Contact us anytime to schedule a consultation at your space or ours. / / / We are here because we know the show must go on and we all have a right to be heard.

A quick overview on ASF Productions, Inc (ARTS OF SOUTH FLORIDA)

For over a decade ASF Productions has been serving the  community as a full stage production company offering everything from sales, rentals, installations and consultations. We offer everything for your location, production, show or event. We can take you from start to finish or step in at any time to help you complete your current project to perfection. We serve all venues and have worked everywhere from small Churches, elaborate corporate events and conferences to large scale festivals and more.

Our company is armed with the latest and greatest technology and state of the art equipment in the industry as well as a staff of extremely qualified, professional and helpful experts in lighting, sound and video to ensure that your production exceeds the highest of expectations. 

Whether you are looking for stage make up, special effects machinery or most importantly the best prices in the market, we have have it all, so that the show can indeed go on. 

We aim to provide our clients with all the tools and knowledge needed so that they may feel supported and relaxed during showtime in order to enjoy all the hard work as it unfolds on the stage because we understand there is nothing like hard work paying off, especially - in front of a live audience.

Mariusz Gozdek 305-986-0563
Director of Marketing
ASF Productions, Inc.

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